Aliases(known): Sierra, Ravenloft
Other Aliases: Not known publicly, but has two others.
Birthname: Not shared.
Date of birth according to her main SIN: May 21
Age: 25
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 145
Build: Lean
Skin tone: Pale white (can be changed at will)
Eyes: Amber (can be changed at will)

Heavily cyber implant augmented.
Can change her face as she wants, her hair color(or even designs in her hair.) Any skin tone she wants she can have from the palest white, to any color of the rainbow.
Has two thin black lines to the side of each eyes, from which a black balistics glass slides out to protect her augmented eyes.
Her ears are also augmented to hell and back, mostly internal, and not to visible to the outside eye unless you look closely. Her thick hair usually keeps them covered.

Her back bears a large LED tattoo or the 8 pointed chaos star. (A throwback to her hobbies)

Lives in a 2 bedroom house:


Full character sheet:


Most of her known history pertains to her time in humanis. Though she’s moved on from that. Now she runs the shadows to pay the rent and to have some fun. When asked about her time in Humanis she doesnt deny it, or the fact that she was once heavily racsist.

Shes a dedicated decker where she learned her skills she doesnt say. She’ll take almost any job as long as it doesnt involve children.

What she really looks like is a secret few know.

In her downtime she plays video games, RPGS over video confrence and the like. She has quite the collection of vintage rpgs and video games.

Shes romantically involved with someone but doesnt give names.

Her goals are simple: Work to make enough money for the deck most would kill to get their hands on, and see the way that things work change.


Shadowrun 5th scelestai